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1. Presentation of the website

ARICI offer Internet services and a secure website (the “Website”), which is user-friendly and respectful of our clients. The website is the property of ARICI, head office address: 131 rue de Créqui – 69006 Lyon, France.

SIRET : 42 008999700027

Tel: + 33 1 42 81 47 92
Head office address: 131 rue de Créqui – 69006 Lyon, France.
President: Gilbert MUGNIER

The following provider is responsible for the development and direct, permanent storage of the website: Mediactive Group: 3.4 & 10, cité Paradis – 75010 Paris for the website

2. Ownership of rights and brands

All the information published on this website is protected by copyright legislation. You are not, in any case, entitled to use, distribute, copy, reproduce, modify, alter, or transmit the Website or any items on it, including text and images, without the prior authorisation in writing of ARICI. The brands and logos on this Website are the property of ARICI and their subsidiaries or their use has been authorised by the clients of these companies. The use of this information does not entail any transfer of copyrights or licenses to the brand or logo on these Websites. ARICI reserve the right to take legal action, including criminal proceedings, in case of any infringement of their intellectual property rights. Any images or photographs of persons, places, or products on these Websites are the property of these Companies and/or are used by these Companies with the authorisation of the copyright holders. Use of these images or photographs is prohibited without the specific, express authorisation of ARICI. Any unauthorised use may result in a violation of copyright, image rights, individual rights, property rights, and any other regulations applicable to communication or advertising.

3. General warning

ARICI or any other party involved with the Websites cannot be held liable for any direct, indirect, or other losses that may result from access to or use of these Websites or information on them, including any damage or viruses that may infect your IT equipment or any other property. The publisher does not accept any liability for errors or omissions that may be detected, despite the care taken in producing and updating the information published on the Websites. Any mention on the Websites of products, companies, or other Websites is purely intended to inform visitors and does not, in any way, constitute a recommendation for those products, companies, or Internet services. ARICI cannot, in any case, be held liable for the use of the products or services of these companies and websites.

4. Links

The ARICI Websites suggest links to other websites, which may or may not be affiliated. These websites are independent from the Websites managed by ARICI. ARCI does not publish or control these Websites. Links to other websites do not, in any case, constitute approval of them or a partnership between ARICI and these websites. Consequently, ARICI cannot be held liable for their content, products, advertising, or any items or services presented on these websites. We remind you that, whether these websites are affiliated or not, they are subject to their own conditions of use and privacy policies. All hyperlinks to Websites managed by ARICI from websites managed by a client or any other person shall be subject to the express, prior agreement of ARICI. This request is optional if the link was initiated by the manager of this Website. The use of hyperlink visuals is subject to the prior authorisation of ARICI and may be implicit for registered clients of ARICI, who may download these elements from one of the Websites.

5. Regulatory compliance

The website is set up by ARICI, with a head office address in France. People accessing the websites from countries outside France must ensure that they comply with applicable local legislation.

6. Website access

ARICI reserves the right to cancel, modify, suspend, or interrupt access to all or part of the Websites, including, in particular, the content, functions, or availability times, for any reason and at their sole discretion, without prior notice. You acknowledge and accept that in the context of using the Websites, you are personally responsible for obtaining all the equipment necessary for this Internet connection and liable for all costs.

7. Personal data protection

For more information on our data protection policy, please see our confidentiality policy.

Arici Centro organises trade fairs in Toulouse, Bordeaux, and Paris

Logo bordeaux petit format négatif

Bordeaux Hangar 14
13-14 September


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Parc Floral
19-20-21 September


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Toulouse Place to come